Wedding Photography Tips

Today’s contribution comes from the Fred Marcus Studio, which is a photography studio that specializes in weddings. The studio also has done portraiture, commercial, and other event photography. Fred Marcus, owner and head photographer, started out as a Paparazzi and changed specialties to provide his expertise for weddings. He has always lived in the Fairfield area and serves most of Northern New Jersey and New York.

While weddings are the main staple of this studio, Fred also does Bar and Bat Mitvahs and Sweet Sixteen parties. He has modern digital equipment and can provide editing and also lets you have such options for your pictures such as sepia and black and white photos. Another option not everyone knows about is the hand colored photo, that has a color picture changed to black and white with just a touch of color in the flowers or bride and groom.

When planning a wedding, remember to put some personality into it, remember your likes and dislikes, not just doing what is trendy. If you always wanted a white wedding, there are plenty of options. No detail is unimportant, ask for referrals when choosing the music, the location of the catering hall, and hiring a band, you just really need to ask yourself what makes your relationship special and you can pretty much tell what would both of you would like and what would make it special.

One way to research the best way to have your wedding is to visit the Wedding Wire on the web. They have forums you can ask questions and view vendors. They have lots of tips and people to talk to. Sometimes, its best to just not stress over everything and be as prepared as you can. Like when getting ready for your wedding, have a look you are happy with and tried out before your wedding. Nothing is worse than getting a new haircut before your wedding and it looks terrible on you. Or buying a veil that is twenty feet long and ripping it. A detachable train is also a good idea. That way you can enjoy dancing at the reception without ruining the dress.

Some things to remember when posing is not to tip your head up during the photos. This doesn’t look flattering and only emphasizes a double chin. Instead lean forward and lower your head slightly. Practice in a mirror to perfect this pose. Also when posing, don’t stand facing the camera squarely, isntead, stand at a 45 degree angle to give you a more flattering shape. Remember that if you hold your bouquet too high, you hide your figure a lot, so center it by your hips. Another popular tip is to lean on one leg and point your toe a little on the other to give you more curves.

There are many options for a wedding, some new ideas for decorations is the trend to do use monograms, a simple cake with a pastel color and even using ribbon on the cake. Some people use fresh flowers on the cake, having roses grace the top instead of figurines. Some have a white cake with colored flowers, others have a white and silver cake. Some have flower garlands such as white orchids which are very nice in masses Some people use lots of little candles, others have flower centerpieces on the tables, some even use green apples for an “apple of my eye” theme.

In New Jersey there are many lovely reception halls, such as the newly renovated Chanticlair Chateau that will be hosting weddings soon. Fairleigh Dickinson University lets people rent their elegant Twombly Mansion in Madison with the Italian garden complete with a fountain and magnolia trees. There are places with gardens, natural vistas, water features, and even city scenes depending on what your tastes are. Expect to pay anywhere from $90 to $150 or more for a reception dinner per person.

Remember, there is no typical wedding. Some people want a small intimate gathering. Others want a big gala event with lots of family and friends. Some people get lots of photos, others get an album and a CD with the pictures on it. There are country weddings with tractors and hay bales to elegant five course meals and limos and classical music. Some honor God, others worship cartoon characters. Its really up to the bride and groom.

Really the most important thing thing about planning a wedding is sitting down with your beloved and working it out together. From budget and size expectations to location of wedding and honeymoon.

Fred and his photographers show up 2 1/2 hours before the ceremony and go into the night to capture the wedding. He likes to take unlimited photos and then edit for the best later. He prefers if the bride schedules in time for posing to get some of the more traditional family photos, but he also takes candid shots and photojournalistic shots.

I’ve worked with him on several occasions and definitely worth a consideration for a wedding event photography session. Finally, if you’re considering wedding videography, check out my wedding videography packages.

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