Top Locations for a Wedding in New York

Planning for a wedding can be a pretty hectic thing. You do it for months long and you, of course, want that day to be just perfect. Picking out all the clothes, making a cake, inviting the guests and making the invitation cards. You have a lot to look forward to. One of the prime thing that makes your wedding the most special is the wedding venue that you choose. Now, this is, of course, something that depends on your budget but if you want to organize the wedding in a manner that is absolutely amazing then you must get the best venue.

Now in this article, we will look into the best wedding venues in New York, a place that is known to never sleep and one of the busiest places on our beloved planet. Though it is known for its hectic nature, this city does have beautiful places and amazing venues to have your wedding in. These are my top favorites (since I am a fan of greenery and open spaces so it will be about parks).

Brooklyn Botanical Garden

It is a 52 acre, a versatile green field which you can use to make your special day memorable. The thing about this green beauty is that you can choose what type of wedding you want. You can have the ceremony in Japanese style or Italian style or you can do it in the Cranford Rose Garden. After you concluded the ceremony, you can move into the Atrium or the Palm House, depending on a number of people who are invited. You also do not need to worry about the catering as it is done by The Patina Restaurant Group. What you do have to pay is the fee for the garden. Do not worry, it is used to preserve the place for better utilization later on.

Buttermilk Falls Inn and Spa

This is a bit outside of the city, 75 miles to be exact. If you are a person who is very much in love with the countryside then this is the place you might want to take. You do have the option of doing it indoors or in the outdoors but remember this is amazing of a venue to choose. You can accommodate 200 people but there were instances that only 50 people were also hosted here. It has an amazing pool and also the spa. This will be a great place for the bridal shower as well. The catering is done by Henry’s. This place will not disappoint you in any way.

Wave Hill

The former is a bit too far away and you want to do it in the city? This is the one for you. It is in the Bronx and is a 28 acre garden with a lush green field, historic structures and also a great view of Hudson and New Jersey Palisades. One of the best parts about this venue is that it will always be with only the people you invite because it is open for ceremonies after it is closed down. The caterer is the Great Performances, and their food is just tremendous. The place is exotic with Aquatic Garden and historic Armor House. So this will be a nice choice if you want to have a grand and beautiful wedding inside the city.

Glenmere Mansion

You want to feel majestic then a mansion is what you want, don’t you? A whopping 150-acre space with a mansion is just what you need for your wedding. It is near Manhattan and you can pretty much guess how amazing this place is. Now, this has been used by all sorts of people for all sorts of purposes but it has already hosted more than 400 weddings. So this place is pretty popular and has a unique touch to it. Every of the client of this mansion was satisfied. It has helicopter landing pad, Turkish bath and also a full-time spa with a “classic-19 playpen suite”. Just imagine the magnitude of this place!

Locusts on Hudson

This place already suggests where it is located. It is a 76-acre manor with meadows, farm, and beach. The manor is made in a Neo-Baroque style and food is as fresh as it gets; it comes fresh to your table and it is absolutely delicious. If you do take this place then you have to take 11 rooms along with it as well; the rooms are fully furnished with massive floors and ceilings, with bath-tubs and also wooden fireplaces. The place can easily accommodate around 250 people. All of this does not come with a cheap price though. If you can afford it then you are in a lifetime experience and you will like each and every moment there. Trust me, when I say this, the view is mesmerizing and it will take your breath away any given day.

These are the top 5 according to me but there are plenty more you can explore and find. If you are looking for an in-house experience then New York is a place for it. Remember that the price is always a thing to consider. Not all things are easy to get. The more the luxury you are looking for, the more money you need to pay. Organizing a wedding is no easy task and you have to take all the variables into consideration before pulling it off. I personally prefer open spaces because in that way you can always have a great view and also a lot of spaces to roam around in. With all the guests in your wedding, an open space can always help you socialize easier.

A great view will also get you to have great photos which you can cherish later on in life. Think about it for a while, a place where it is green and beautiful and you are taking a walk with your newly wedded spouse along that great scenery; quite peaceful isn’t it? This is why this is my top 5.