wedding videography

I am Westchester, NY based videographer, specializing in filming cinematic wedding videos. I have 3 years of experience filming wedding videos and narrative films. I offer competitive packages for any and all wedding events in the NYC area. Here are the pricing options available:

My basic coverage includes one wedding videographer (me!) and it will cover the wedding ceremony only. From the grooms and the maids walking down the aisle to the final kiss to seal the magical moment, I guarantee a unique and cinematic wedding video that you and your spouse will cherish for many years to come. The final output will be an electronic delivery of a musical montage of the wedding event, and the couple gets to choose what music to use. The couple will be responsible for any copyright issues with whatever music chosen. If I’m tasked with the musical choice, then I’ll use royalty free music that I think would work well with the montage video. The final video is approximately 3-5 minutes. Coverage is up to four hours. The price for this basic wedding coverage is $800.

My Silver Package includes coverage of the pre-ceremony and the actual ceremony (basically what you’d get from the basic package). I will wake up early in the morning (or late at night if that’s the timing of the event!) and shoot the pre-ceremony activities. The pre-ceremony activities usually include the application of the make-up for the brides, the grooms messing around in their rooms and then dressing up, and of course, various other shots that are shot candidly and behind the scenes. I’ll piece all this together to create a five to 10 minute video. Coverage is up to eight hours. The price for the Silver wedding coverage is $1,200.

Finally, I can offer the Premium package. This package includes what is covered in the basic and silver package. In the Premium package, I will offer coverage of the post-ceremony festivities: the first dance of the wedding couple, the dances with the parents, the speeches and of course, the final dance and boogey down on the dance floor with the couple and their guests. I will also add in special interviews from the couple, the parents and close friends/family. The whole coverage is up to 12 hours. The final output will be a 3-5 minute montage video and also, a 30-45 minute documentary style coverage of the pre and post ceremony activities and of course, the ceremony itself. The price for the Premium Package is $2,000.

These packages are designed to cover 95% of all the wedding videography requests. However, if you feel, you need something extra (i.e. a WWE themed wrestling ceremony perhaps?!) then please contact me below and be very specific.

Also, please note that these prices assume no special insurance requirements from the venue, and I’ll have total access to film at the said venue. I accept check and credit card (via Pay Pal), but there will be a 2.7% surcharge for any electronic payments. No cash and no Bitcoin allowed! Looking forward to working with you and creating a magnificent, cinematic wedding video.

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