How to Make Christian Wedding Invitations on a Budget

So you want to incorporate your religious beliefs into the biggest moment of your life, starting with Christian wedding invitations. That may sound kind of quirky, but everything has a message, and wedding invitations are not exempt. You’ll want to choose the content, any photos and the overall design carefully. For the most part, designing Christian wedding invitations do not deviate from designing any other. There’s some basic information you’ll want to incorporate, then you might want to add some scripture, or a scriptural song, to achieve your ultimate purpose.

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Start with the practical side. How formal will your Christian wedding be — formal, semi formal, casual semi formal, or just casual? All of that is up to the couple, and you’ll need to settle this before you start your Christian wedding invitations. Believe it or not, visual design can communicate whether or not you’re planning a picnic or a ball. By the time you’re designing your Christian wedding invitations, you’ve hopefully have already decided on a date and location.

The climate and season will also affect the design. As you’re sorting out the content, you can choose a certain scripture verse or song as a theme for your wedding. Then, you’ll need to find a template by which to arrange the Christian wedding invitations. Free templates are floating all over the internet, with and without sample wording and designs. You don’t have to hire someone else to do one for you. Avoid sites that try to get you to make a purchase before obtaining the template. Plenty of free ones are available.

Whatever the style or theme of your wedding, it should be reflected in the Christian wedding invitations, which includes the font you choose. Incorporate your chosen font into your invitation, and then begin looking for affordable print mediums. Many different stores sell wedding stationary, whether in the form of cards or paper, and envelopes to complement them. Both the web and on site stores should be searched for the best deals.

Just remember to get more than enough, anything can happen.Make trial copies of your Christian wedding invitations, using plain white paper, to check for mistakes. This will also help you get an idea of how they’ll look. Be on the lookout for typing errors and the like.

Don’t assume the hardest part is over once your Christian wedding invitations are complete. Assembly can be the most unattractive part. Set aside a day or night to do this step, both putting them into envelopes, addressing them and getting them ready to mail. Put the names on the envelopes first, then add them to the Christian wedding invitations as you come to them to avoid confusion.

Of course, if you’re addressing envelopes on the computer you’ll need to be just as careful to keep order. It would work best to put your Christian wedding invitations together when distractions are at a minimum, especially children who might get in the way.

Doing your Christian wedding invitations yourself will allow you to have maximum control over the content, add a personal flair, and keep the expenses as low as necessary. Best of all, Christian wedding invitations are not that difficult to make.