How to Vet Your Videographer

wedding videographer

According to CNN, couples spent an average of $35K in 2016 for their weddings, which is up by 8% from 2015. From personal experience, I’ve noticed that most of my clients spend approximately 10% of that budget on videography and photography services. So it’s a big decision if you decide to immortalize your magical moment in a cinematic video.

If you are having a videographer at your wedding, then there are certain questions he should ask you in order to give you the best price and the best job. Be on the lookout for the following:

What is the date of the wedding? – This is a pretty obvious first question. He needs to know if he is even available. If he is not, ask him to recommend someone else. Working in the field, he will know of other quality videographers.

What is the time and location of the ceremony and reception? – This is important, not just for obvious reasons, but because the videographer may have worked at these locations previously. If he has, he can offer some very valuable ideas and suggestions. This is also an important question from the standpoint of the duration of the ceremony and reception. The more time he spends at your event, the more it will cost.

What type of wedding video do you want? – Since no two people are alike, no two wedding videos are quite the same. He may have a standard package that he offers for those people who are not quite sure what they want. But he could also customize a shoot specifically tailored for you.

What do you like and what don’t you like? – Some brides want absolutely everything on the video from preparation through the last person leaving the reception. Others only want specific things. Your videographer needs to be sensitive to what you want and don’t want in your video.

Have you talked to other videographers? – He needs to ask this so that he can determine if you know anything about video. If he is the first one you have spoken with, he will probably go into much more detail about the entire process so that you have a full understanding of time and cost. If, however, he knows that you have spoken to other videographers, he will probably jump to what he has to offer and how he can provide you with a superior product.

Who are the other vendors? – He may have worked with some of the other vendors in the past. If he has, this would be a plus in hiring him since he knows what to expect from the vendors. Plus, if he has worked with them before, he may have a good rapport with them. This can also give him valuable insight into the style of the wedding.

What is your budget for video? – This should be checked out very early. Is your budget anywhere close to his price? Video is very time consuming between planning, shooting and editing. You can find videographers at a wide range of prices so be sure and check to see if your budget matches his price. If not, try to compromise on some things or go looking for someone else.

I hope these tips will help you make the right decision in choosing the right videographer for your wedding. As a wedding cinematographer myself, I charge a competitive rate and my packages start at a reasonable $850 for the ceremony. If you’re interested in learning how I can help you shoot that perfect wedding, don’t hesitate to fill out my contact form, and we can discuss what package would make sense for you and your spouse.