Essential Equipment for Wedding Videographers

When you are capturing the moments of a wedding, you are not only making a memorable video for the married couple but you are making a small movie which narrates a special moment for the family. This is why couples pay on average $900 per wedding, and premium prices for a comprehensive package in New York (as much as $5,000!). New York couples. New York couples want amazing wedding videography services for their special day.

They spend just as much time vetting a wedding videographer as they do with choosing a wedding venue. They trust you’ll have the know-how and the equipment to deliver top notch service.

Being a wedding photographer or a videographer is a whole lot of work. You have to be vigilant at all times, try to capture all the big and also small moments at the ceremony. You are the one who is responsible for making this as memorable as possible. You have to make the video in such a way that when the family looks back at it, they have tears in their eyes while recalling it. But in order to make a video that is going to turn up the emotions for the family, you need to be ready with the proper equipment.

Here is a list of things you need:

  • Cameras with lenses

We can talk about cameras for hours together. It is an essential thing you need in the venue in order to capture all the moments. You better carry 2 cameras to say the least. 3 would be the best for backup. Which one will be the best? That requires a whole new article to talk about. But for now, remember to carry at least 2 cameras while you are videotaping the whole thing.

  • Tripod

Why do you need a tripod? Well, this is the best equipment to keep everything stable. You really do not need a very expensive one. You just need a solid tripod with a very fluid head so that you can turn the camera. That is all about it. Tripod is also a necessity because you can keep the camera there and move around to take other shots. It will keep on rolling while you work on other stuff. Many professionals keep a tripod and camera in the back to capture the whole event and move around the hall to capture other shots or from a different angle. So, yes you do need a tripod to work.

  • Monopods

While the tripod is assisting you to take the video of the whole event, a monopod is the one you need to keep yourself moving. This is the lighter and a more versatile thing to use. It is very important because you can literally go from a very low angle to a very high angle in a matter of seconds. You can move around with it swiftly too. While capturing a moment with a monopod, you can also move away from there with lightning speed.

  • Handheld stabilizers

With the name of it, you can guess this is not battery powered or does not need any sort of electricity to work with. It is handheld and it is great. You can work with it anywhere but it is best for the reception. Why? Because with this little fellow you can catch all the dancing steps you need. It is best for capturing those ceremonious moments. One thing to make sure here is that do not use this to walk down the aisle with the bride. This is just plain wrong. Do whatever with it but not this. Do not make the wedding ceremony about the videographers. You are only there to capture the moment, not join in with them.

  • Slider

Remember your old pal tripod capturing the moments for you? When you can add another one in the list with it. It is the slider. Movements on a video are just so amazing. It makes everything look so cool. The slider is that one thing that can make the moments more amazing providing the movement to a stable shot. Attach your tripod to the slider and then start videotaping it. You can use it to take the shots from all over the places to get a better look.

  • Recorders

You need sound to make the video better and amazing. You need a recorder that has an inbuilt microphone, can connect to a microphone and also can be connected to a soundboard. This is one thing that is absolutely necessary and you might even try to plug it into the DJ’s soundboard; be assured that you might end up with some pretty distorted sound as well if you are doing it.

  • Wireless Lav microphones

Why? Because you want to capture all the sounds you can. Try to carry two if you can. Put it on the officiate and on the groom. This way you can capture all sounds you require up close. If you have only one then put it on the officiate. You will get a proper sound on the vows then.

  • Onboard camera microphone

Now, this is for backup if you have inbuilt microphone in the camera. If not then you can use this so that it is easier to edit. The sound and the video should be in sync, you know. You can use this with a DSLR as well if you are using one.

  • Audio cables

You need to keep loads of them with you. You need it for the microphones to be used in the soundboard or anywhere. You need to keep some as back up too. These things are very handy.

  • Lighting

Keep small LED lightings with you that you can use with your camera, handhelds and other accessories. You do not need a lot of lighting of a wedding but these things are pretty handy when you do need some.

  • Memory card case

Why use them? Do you want to lose footages that you have filmed for hours? Of course not. That is the answer to your question, I am presuming. Therefore keep a case to keep it intact and not to lose any of the footages you took with all the hard work.

  • Filters

You need these if you are shooting it outside. Keep a fair amount of them for different settings.

If you have all of these in your bag then you are pretty much good to go. Make sure you work with the wedding photographer so the both of you can coordinate, and capture that magical moment forever. Happy shooting!