5 Questions To Ask Your Wedding Videographer

So it is finally happening this time. Your big happy ending in the form of a grand wedding ball. It is the time to execute all your innovative ideas and passionate dreams about your fairy tale wedding. You start preparing for everything as everything needs to be perfect.

But did you forget about the one thing which is the most important? To capture this perfect moment through a camera is probably the most important part of a wedding. But how do you know if the videographer will capture all the required moments?

Therefore, we bring you the five essential questions to ask your wedding videographer regarding the filming.

What made you get into filming videos and how long have you been in this profession?

This question will show you a little back story of the videographer. For a wedding video, it needs to  capture all the best moments, heartwarming moments, meaningful moments and great details. Hence, the videographer has to be passionate in his work. This question can let you know about his passion and how long has he been working with his passion.

How do you describe your production style?

This question is a must. Every videographer has his own style. Some do documentary style videos while others might do cinematic or vintage style videos. You should check if the videographer’s style matches with your preference. After agreeing on the filming style you could even give him a little briefing which includes minor touch ups or little edits.

What kinds of package do you offer?

From just highlight videos to trailer style videos and full-length videos, there are many packages available which might determine the price of the filming. So match the kind of package you want with your budget for a good choice. If the cost is too high, you can always get the raw footage and simply edit it later in future.

What kind of equipment do you use?

Do not leave out this question, you have to make sure if the video and audio quality matches your choice. You can also ask about the music they will be using for your video and also if it is licensed music or not. A music can totally change the vibe of a video, so have your pick!

How do you deliver the final product and how long does it take?

The video might come in DVDs or Blu-ray format. So inquire about the video format and the number of copies you desire to have. Also, inquire about the time length required for your video to get ready. Some might require few weeks or months while some might take up a year, so perhaps you could ask for a trailer if it takes long!

Wedding videos have a special meaning and significance in life and you have only one chance to get it done perfectly so make sure that it happens perfectly! Because perfect filming brings perfect memories.