Planning an Intercultural Wedding

Around the globe wedding traditions vary greatly. Traditional dances, readings, roles, ceremony organization, and even who is responsible for the bill will differ based on where you are. As the world seems to become smaller as we all become more connected, frequently people are finding love with those from different backgrounds than themselves.

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Top Locations for a Wedding in New York

Planning for a wedding can be a pretty hectic thing. You do it for months long and you, of course, want that day to be just perfect. Picking out all the clothes, making a cake, inviting the guests and making the invitation cards. You have a lot to look forward to. One of the prime thing that makes your wedding the most special is the wedding venue that you choose. Now, this is, of course, something that depends on your budget but if you want to organize the wedding in a manner that is absolutely amazing then you must get the best venue.

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How to Vet Your Videographer

According to CNN, couples spent an average of $35K in 2016 for their weddings, which is up by 8% from 2015. From personal experience, I’ve noticed that most of my clients spend approximately 10% of that budget on videography and photography services. So it’s a big decision if you decide to immortalize your magical moment in a cinematic video.

If you are having a videographer at your wedding, then there are certain questions he should ask you in order to give you the best price and the best job.

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To Video or Not to Video You’re Wedding Day

Videography has always been a great way to capture one of your most precious moments in your life. In the past, video and photo album’s was the only way to view your wedding day and share it with family and friends.

Many professional photographers in NYC have now switched over to digital photography and are no longer using film photography. With digital photography now becoming more popular for weddings and other special occasions you now have an alternative choice when it comes to viewing your wedding day.

Digital Photo Slideshows have been around for a while now and are being used in advertising, fashion industry, real estate and many other areas of business. They are now being used to produce professional slideshows for weddings and special occasions. Here is an excellent example:

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